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Verily, Our Lord is Indeed Oft-Forgiving, Most Ready to Appreciate (good deeds and to recompense). (Fatir 35:34)

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Update: 06/18/2020

Restarted the website after about a 10-year pause. Currently working on bringing up all Quran with English translation (Muhsin Khan) on the Quran audio page. In addition, I have started a project on Fatawa Islamiyah which appear as blogs.

I want to thank everyone who tried to keep in touch and has benefited from this work. Life happens, and I had many other responsibilities that became priority for the last 10 years. I appreciate your patience. Let’s get this work started again.


My name is Sabbir and I started this website back in 2004 as a personal website. Sabbir is actually my name. Therefore, I grabbed the domain. Soon after, I converted the site to Islamic content.

Back then, I spent a whole year of my college recording the Quran whenever I had free time. I recall recording Surah Baqarah in one weekend. Being a single college student, I was very dedicated.

I initially started recording few of the last Surahs. I simply wanted to listen to Quran with English translation during my trips to school. It’s amazing how many of us forget the meaning of some of the smaller Surahs. Therefore, this was my way of consistently reviewing them.

After the final Juz, I started recording more and more. I completed almost the entire Quran in eight months. I hope, In sha Allah, some will find benefit and there is rewards in it.

Sabbir Favicom

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