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The Concept of Depending On Allah

Answered by: The Permanent Committee


Depending on Allah does not mean that you throw yourself in a swimming pool when you do not know how to swim or endanger your life in a physical sport without training. What is the real sense of depending on Allah? Please explain, thanks.


Depending on Allah means committing all one’s affairs to Him, Allah alone. It is one of the fundamentals of faith according to the words of Allah:

And upon Allah depend, if you are believers – Al-Ma’idah 5:23

It is also one of the strong spiritual means of accomplishing the objectives and serving one’s interests. But the believer must also observe along with dependents the other means whether they are acts of worship, such as supplication, performing the prayer, giving charitable donations, or maintaining good relations with one’s kin. One should also apply material means that Allah has made as causes for fulfilling needs, such as those mentioned by the inquirer in his question, and their like. One should follow the example of the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him. He used to apply the other convenient means with perfect dependence on Allah, the exalted. Therefore, he who neglects the other available means, being satisfied with depending on Allah alone, would oppose the guidance of the Messenger peace be upon him. In that case, his dependence would be in effect a form of incapacity not legal dependence. May Allah exalt the mention of our Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, his household and Companions, and render them safe from evil.

From the Noble Scholars:

Shaykh `Abdul-`Aziz bin `Abdullah bin Baz
Shaykh  Muhammad bin Salih Al-`Uthaimin
Shaykh  `Abdullah bin `Abdur-Rahman Al-Jibreen

Along with: The Permanent Committee and the decisions of the Fiqh Council
Collected by Muhammad bin `Abdul-`Aziz al-Musnad

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