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Verily, Our Lord is Indeed Oft-Forgiving, Most Ready to Appreciate (good deeds and to recompense). (Fatir 35:34) Quran App

Sabbir Quran App

✔100% Free. ☒ No Ads, ☒ No In-App Purchases.

Listen to Quran with English translation on your iPhone. 100% free, no ads and no in-app purchases. Each surah will stream from your iPhone. Therefore, please use wifi. Therefore, please be aware that this app will use your data plan to load each surah.

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About the Quran App


Sabbir Quran App Icon

Simply download and let it install. Afterwards, you will see an icon that looks like it’s from mid 2000 :). The name will say, “Sabbir’s Podcast” and the icon looks like the one above.

After opening it, you will see a complete list of surahs. Simply click on a surah and wait. It takes a few seconds to start playing.

You can pause, fast-forward, rewind, etc. Best of all, it will keep playing even if you minimize the app.

My Thanks

Alhamdulilah, to Allah belongs all praise. Next, I would like to thank a brother who worked with a iOS developer to build this 100%. He fully financed it and had the developer build the app from scratch. Afterwards, he contacted me completely surprised me!

Therefore, if you find this app beneficial, just think of what one brother did. May Allah bless him, give him a copy of the rewards from anyone listening, protect him, continue to guide him, keep him on the straight path and have mercy on him on the day of recompense, ameen.

Additional Updates

Bottom line, there are no updates or progress. Therefore, I am looking for experienced, Muslim iOS and Android developers. I really need someone who knows what they are doing and can do it well.

At this point, we have no money coming into our site. Therefore, everything is on volunteer terms. You do it for the sake of Allah, dawah. Make it attractive and easy to use for others to learn the interpretation of the Quran.

If you have the ability to develop, update, fix bugs and make an app based on simplicity, please let me know. Join the team. If not, alhamdulilah, at least we have this.