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Quran translation with English

Quran translation with English

The translation being used:
Interpretation of the Meanings

Dur-us-Salam (buy the Qur’an)
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Translated by:
Dr. Muhammad Taqee-ud-Deen Al-Hilaalee, Realty Ph.D. (Berlin)
Professor of Islamic Faith and Teachings
Dr. Muhammad Muhsin Khaan
Islamic University, Al-Madinah
Qur’aan with English Translated Audio
Recitation by: Mishary
Rashid Al-Afasy

English conveyer of the Translation: Sabbir

Qur’aan with English Translation mp3:
Revealed in Makkah
Revealed in Medinah

(The fake oakleys Opening) Text
2. Al-Baqarah
(The Cow) Text
3.  Al-‘Imraan
(The Family of Imran) Text
4.  An-Nisaa
(The Women) Text
5.  Al-Maa’idah
(Table Spread with Food) Text
6. Soorah Al-Anaam
(The Cattle) Text
7. Soorah Al-Araaf (Sajood)
(The Heights) Text
8. Soorah Al-Anfaal
(The Spoils of War) Text
9. Soorah Surah At-Taubah
(The Repentance) Text
10. Soorah Yoonus
(Jonah) Text
11. Soorah Hood
(Prophet Hud) Text
12. Soorah
(Joseph) Text
13. Soorah<br oakley sunglasses />
Ar-Ra’d (Sajood) (47mb)
(The Thunder) Text
14. Soorah
(Abraham) Text
15. Soorah
(The Rocky Tract) Text
16. Soorah An-Nahl (104mb) (Sajood)
(The Bee) Text
17. Soorah Al-Israa‘ (88.3mb) (Sajood)
(The Journey by Night) Text
18. Soorah
(The Cave) wholesale nfl jerseys Text
19. Soorah
(Sajood) (54mb)
(Mary) Text
20. Soorah Taa-Haa
(Ta-Ha) Text
21. Soorah
(The Prophets) Text
22. Soorah Al-Hajj (Sajood 2x)
(The Pilgrimage) Text
23. Soorah
(The Believers) Text
24. Soorah
(The Light) Text
25. Soorah Al-Furqaan (Sajood)
(The Criterion) Text
26. Soorah Ash-Shu’araa’
(The Poets) Text
27. Soorah
(The Ants) o Text
28. Soorah Al-Qasas
(The Narration) Text
29. Soorah
(The Spider) Text
30. Soorah
(The Romans) Text
31. Luqmaan (27.7mb)
(Prophet Luqman) Text
<span Cheap NFL Jerseys China class=”gen”>32. Soorah
ray ban sunglasses (Sajood)(20mb)
(The Prostration) Text
33. Soorah Cheap NFL Jerseys Al-Ahzaab
(The Confederates) Text
34. Soorah
(Sheba) Text
35. <a cheap jerseys href=”/Media/Quran/035%20Fatir.mp3″>Soorah
Faatir (38.6mb)
(The Originator of Creation) Text
36. Soorah Yaa-Seen (40mb)
(Ya-Sin) Text
37. Soorah As-Saaffaat (56mb)
(Those Ranged in Ranks) Text
38. Soorah
(42.4mb) (Sajood)
(Sad) Text
39. Soorah Az-Zumar
(The Groups) Text
40. Soorah
(The Forgiver) Text
41. Soorah
(Sajood) (47mb)
(explained in detail) Text
42. Soorah
(The Consultation) Text
43. Soorah
(The Gold Adornments) Text
44. Soorah Ad-Dukhaan (22mb)
<span style="color: cheap nfl jerseys #9900ff;”>(The Smoke) Text
45. Soorah Al-Jaathiya (25mb)
(The Kneeling) Text
46. Soorah Al-Ahqaaf (37mb)
<span fake ray bans style=”color: #9900ff”>(TheCurved Sand-hills) Text
47. Soorah Muhammad (30mb)
(Prophet Muhammad) Text
48. Soorah Al-Fath (30mb)
(The Victory) Text
49. Soorah Al-Hujuraat (17.7mb)
(The Dwellings) Text
50. Soorah Qaaf (22.4mb)
(Qaf) Text
51. <a <a wholesale jerseys href=”” target=”_blank”>cheap oakley sunglasses href=”/Media/Quran/051%20Adh-Dhariyat.mp3″> Soorah Adh-Dhaariyaat (22mb)
(The Winds that Scatter) Text
52. Soorah At-Toor (17.9mb)
(The Mount) Text
53. Soorah
(The Star) Text
54. Soorah Al-Qamar (19.4mb)
(The Moon) de Text
55. Soorah Ar-Rahmaan(25mb)
(The Most Gracious) Text
56. Soorah Al-Waaqi’ah (25mb)
(The Event) Text
57. Soorah Al-Hadeed (30.6mb)
(Iron) cheap nfl jerseys Text
58. Soorah Al-Mujaadilah (23mb)
(She that Disputes) Text
59. Soorah Al-Hashr (22.7mb)
(The Gathering) Text
60. Soorah Al-Mumtahanah(16.7)
(Woman that Examines) Text
61. Soorah As-Saff (10.8mb)
(The Row or the cheap oakleys Rank) Text
62. Soorah Al-Jumu’ah (9.3mb)
(Friday) Text
63. Soorah Al-Munaafiqoon (9.5)
(The Hypocrites) Text
64. Soorah At-Taghaabun (13mb)
(Mutual Loss and Gain) Text
65. Soorah At-Talaaq (14.5mb)
(The Divorce) Text
66. Soorah At-Tahreem (14mb)
(The Prohibition) Text
67. Soorah Al-Mulk (16.6mb)
(Dominion) Text
68. Soorah Al-Qalam (17.3mb)
(The Pen) Text
69. Soorah Al-Haaqqah (14.5mb)
(The Inevitable) Text
70. Soorah Al-Ma’aarij (12.1mb)
(The Ways of Ascent) Text
71. Soorah Nooh (10.8mb)
<span at style=”color: #9900ff”>(Prophet Noah) Text
72. Soorah
(The Jinn) Text
73. Soorah Al-Muzzammil (10mb)
(One wrapped in Garments) Text
74. Soorah

(The One Enveloped) Text
75. Soorah Al-Qiyaamah (10mb)
(The Resurrection) Text
76. Soorah Al-Insaan (12.2mb)
(Man) Text

<td cheap ray bans nowrap=”nowrap”> Soorah Al-‘Asr
(The Time) Text

<td cheap jerseys nowrap=”nowrap”> Soorah Al-Falaq<br fake ray bans />
(The Daybreak) Text

77. Soorah Al-Mursalaat
(Those sent forth) Text
78. Soorah An-Naba’
(The The Great News) Text
79. Soorah An-Nazi’aat
(Those Who Pull Out) Text
80. Soorah Abasa
(He Frowned) Text
81. Soorah At-Takweer
(Wound & Lost its Light) Text
82. Soorah Al-Infitaar
(The Cleaving) Text
83. Soorah Al-Mutaffifeen
(Those Who Deal in Fraud) Text
84. Soorah
(The Splitting Asunder) Text
85. Soorah Al-Burooj
(The Big Stars) Text
86. Soorah At-Taariq
(The Night-Comer) Text
87. Soorah Al-A’laa
(The Most High) Text
88. Soorah Al-Ghaashiyah
(The Overwhelming) Text
89. Soorah Al-Fajr
(Tthe Dawn) Text
90. Soorah Al-Balad
(The City) Text
91. Soorah Ash-Shams
(The Sun) Text
92. Soorah Al-Lail
(The Night) Text
93. Soorah Ad-Duha
(The Forenoon) Text
94. Soorah Ash-Sharh
(The Opening Forth) Text
95. Soorah At-Tin
(The Fig) Text
96. Soorah
(The Clot) Text
97. Soorah Al-Qadr
(The Night of Decree) Text
98. Soorah Al-Baiyinah
(The ray ban sunglasses Clear Evidence) Text
99. Soorah Az-Zalzalah
(The Earthquake) Text
100. Soorah Al-‘Adiyaat
(Those That Run) Text
101. Soorah Al-Qaari’ah
(The Striking Hour) Text
102. Soorah At-Takaathur
(The Piling Up) Text
104. Soorah Al-Humazah
(The Slanderer) Text
105. Soorah Al-Fil
(The Elephant) Text
106. Soorah Quraish
(The Tribe of Quraish) Text
107. Soorah Al-Maa’oon
(The Small Kindnesses) Text
108. Soorah Al-Kauthar
(The River in Paradise) Text
109. Soorah Al-Kaafiroon
(The Disbelievers) Text
110. Soorah An-Nasr
(The Help) Text
111. Soorah Al-Masad
(The Palm Fibre) Text
112. Soorah Al-Ikhlaas
(The Purity) Cheap NFL Jerseys China Text
114. Soorah An-Naas
(Mankind) Text

Allah subhana wa ta`ala Chose to reveal Al Qur’aan in Arabic.
We verily, have made it a Qur’aan  in Arabic, that you may be able to understand (its meanings and its admonitions). (Az-Zukhruf 43:3) [Also look up 12.2, 13.37, 20.113, 39.28, 41.3, 42.7, 43.3].I do not promote neglecting the learning of the wholesale china jerseys Arabic language oakley outlet due to any of this work; rather I hope to aid the understanding and learning the Qur’an’s meanings. And Allah knows best.
And Imaam Al-Shafi’i (one of the four imaams) said: People didn’t become ignorant and didn’t  differ amongst themselves except because they left Arabic and leaned towards the language of Aristotle.
Quoted by Al-Suyuti in Sawn Al-Mantiq p15. He said on p22:
I have found Salaf before Al-Shafi’i indicate what he did: that the cause of heresy (al-ibtida’) is ignorance of Arabic language. This work is intended to aid us in understanding our deen, not  to be a substitute for Arabic. And Allah knows best..