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Interpretation of the Meanings of
By: Dur-us-Salam (buy the Qur'an)
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Translated by:
Dr. Muhammad Taqee-ud-Deen Al-Hilaalee, Ph.D. (Berlin)
Professor of Islamic Faith and Teachings
Dr. Muhammad Muhsin Khaan
Islaamic University, Al-Madinah Al-Munawwarah

Qur'aan with English Translated Audio
Recitation by: Mishary Rashid Al-Afasy
English conveyer of the Translation: Sabbir

Work in Progress

Qur'aan with English Translation mp3:
Revealed in Makkah
Revealed in Medinah
Soorah Al-Faatihah
(The Opening) Text
2. Soorah Al-Baqarah
(The Cow) Text
3. Soorah Al-'Imraan
(The Family of Imran) Text
4. Soorah An-Nisaa
(The Women) Text
5. Soorah Al-Maa'idahm
(Table Spread with Food) Text
6. Soorah Al-Anaam
(The Cattle) Text
7. Soorah Al-Araaf (Sajood)
(The Heights) Text
8. Soorah Al-Anfaal
(The Spoils of War) Text
9. Soorah Surah At-Taubah
(The Repentance) Text
10. Soorah Yoonus
(Jonah) Text
11. Soorah Hood
(Prophet Hud) Text
12. Soorah Yoosuf (93.3mb)
(Joseph) Text
13. Soorah Ar-Ra'd (Sajood) (47mb)
(The Thunder) Text
14. Soorah Ibraaheem (46.4mb)
(Abraham) Text
15. Soorah Al-Hijr (36.6mb)
(The Rocky Tract) Text
16. Soorah An-Nahl (104mb) (Sajood)
(The Bee) Text
17. Soorah Al-Israa' (88.3mb) (Sajood)
(The Journey by Night) Text
18. Soorah Al-Kahf (77.9mb)
(The Cave) Text
19. Soorah Maryam (Sajood) (54mb)
(Mary) Text
20. Soorah Taa-Haa
(Ta-Ha) Text
21. Soorah Al-Anbiyaa' (65mb)
(The Prophets) Text
22. Soorah Al-Hajj (Sajood 2x)
(The Pilgrimage) Text
23. Soorah Al-Mu'minoon (56.7mb)
(The Believers) Text
24. Soorah An-Noor (73mb)
(The Light) Text
25. Soorah Al-Furqaan (Sajood)
(The Criterion) Text
26. Soorah Ash-Shu'araa'
(The Poets) Text
27. Soorah An-Naml (Sajood)(63mb)
(The Ants) Text
28. Soorah Al-Qasas
(The Narration) Text
29. Soorah Al-'Ankaboot (55.9mb)
(The Spider) Text
30. Soorah Ar-Room (47.4mb)
(The Romans) Text
31. Luqmaan (27.7mb)
(Prophet Luqman) Text
32. Soorah As-Sajdah (Sajood)(20mb)
(The Prostration) Text
33. Soorah Al-Ahzaab
(The Confederates) Text
34. Soorah Saba' (43.1mb)
(Sheba) Text
35. Soorah Faatir (38.6mb)
(The Originator of Creation) Text
36. Soorah Yaa-Seen (40mb)
(Ya-Sin) Text
37. Soorah As-Saaffaat (56mb)
(Those Ranged in Ranks) Text
38. Soorah Saad (42.4mb) (Sajood)
(Sad) Text
39. Soorah Az-Zumar
(The Groups) Text
40. Soorah Ghaafir (64.5mb)
(The Forgiver) Text
41. Soorah Fussilat (Sajood) (47mb)
(explained in detail) Text
42. Soorah Ash-Shoora (47.5mb)
(The Consultation) Text
43. Soorah Az-Zukhruf (49.4mb)
(The Gold Adornments) Text
44. Soorah Ad-Dukhaan (22mb)
(The Smoke) Text
45. Soorah Al-Jaathiya (25mb)
(The Kneeling) Text
46. Soorah Al-Ahqaaf (37mb)
(TheCurved Sand-hills) Text
47. Soorah Muhammad (30mb)
(Prophet Muhammad) Text
48. Soorah Al-Fath (30mb)
(The Victory) Text
49. Soorah Al-Hujuraat (17.7mb)
(The Dwellings) Text
50. Soorah Qaaf (22.4mb)
(Qaf) Text
51. Soorah Adh-Dhaariyaat (22mb)
(The Winds that Scatter) Text
52. Soorah At-Toor (17.9mb)
(The Mount) Text
53. Soorah An-Najm (19.8)(Sajood)
(The Star) Text
54. Soorah Al-Qamar (19.4mb)
(The Moon) Text
55. Soorah Ar-Rahmaan(25mb)
(The Most Gracious) Text
56. Soorah Al-Waaqi'ah (25mb)
(The Event) Text
57. Soorah Al-Hadeed (30.6mb)
(Iron) Text
58. Soorah Al-Mujaadilah (23mb)
(She that Disputes) Text
59. Soorah Al-Hashr (22.7mb)
(The Gathering) Text
60. Soorah Al-Mumtahanah(16.7)
(Woman that Examines) Text
61. Soorah As-Saff (10.8mb)
(The Row or the Rank) Text
62. Soorah Al-Jumu'ah (9.3mb)
(Friday) Text
63. Soorah Al-Munaafiqoon (9.5)
(The Hypocrites) Text
64. Soorah At-Taghaabun (13mb)
(Mutual Loss and Gain) Text
65. Soorah At-Talaaq (14.5mb)
(The Divorce) Text
66. Soorah At-Tahreem (14mb)
(The Prohibition) Text
67. Soorah Al-Mulk (16.6mb)
(Dominion) Text
68. Soorah Al-Qalam (17.3mb)
(The Pen) Text
69. Soorah Al-Haaqqah (14.5mb)
(The Inevitable) Text
70. Soorah Al-Ma'aarij (12.1mb)
(The Ways of Ascent) Text
71. Soorah Nooh (10.8mb)
(Prophet Noah) Text
72. Soorah Al-Jinn (14.6mb)
(The Jinn) Text
73. Soorah Al-Muzzammil (10mb)
(One wrapped in Garments) Text
74. Soorah Al-Muddaththir
(The One Enveloped) Text
75. Soorah Al-Qiyaamah (10mb)
(The Resurrection) Text
76. Soorah Al-Insaan (12.2mb)
(Man) Text
77. Soorah Al-Mursalaat
(Those sent forth) Text
78. Soorah An-Naba'
(The The Great News) Text
79. Soorah An-Nazi'aat
(Those Who Pull Out) Text
80. Soorah Abasa
(He Frowned) Text
81. Soorah At-Takweer
(Wound & Lost its Light) Text
82. Soorah Al-Infitaar
(The Cleaving) Text
83. Soorah Al-Mutaffifeen
(Those Who Deal in Fraud) Text
84. Soorah Al-Inshiqaaq (Sajood)
(The Splitting Asunder) Text
85. Soorah Al-Burooj
(The Big Stars) Text
86. Soorah At-Taariq
(The Night-Comer) Text
87. Soorah Al-A'laa
(The Most High) Text
88. Soorah Al-Ghaashiyah
(The Overwhelming) Text
89. Soorah Al-Fajr
(Tthe Dawn) Text
90. Soorah Al-Balad
(The City) Text
91. Soorah Ash-Shams
(The Sun) Text
92. Soorah Al-Lail
(The Night) Text
93. Soorah Ad-Duha
(The Forenoon) Text
94. Soorah Ash-Sharh
(The Opening Forth) Text
95. Soorah At-Tin
(The Fig) Text
96. Soorah Al-'Alaq (Sajood)
(The Clot) Text
97. Soorah Al-Qadr
(The Night of Decree) Text
98. Soorah Al-Baiyinah
(The Clear Evidence) Text
99. Soorah Az-Zalzalah
(The Earthquake) Text
100. Soorah Al-'Adiyaat
(Those That Run) Text
101. Soorah Al-Qaari'ah
(The Striking Hour) Text
102. Soorah At-Takaathur
(The Piling Up) Text
103. Soorah Al-'Asr
(The Time) Text
104. Soorah Al-Humazah
(The Slanderer) Text
105. Soorah Al-Fil
(The Elephant) Text
106. Soorah Quraish
(The Tribe of Quraish) Text
107. Soorah Al-Maa'oon
(The Small Kindnesses) Text
108. Soorah Al-Kauthar
(The River in Paradise) Text
109. Soorah Al-Kaafiroon
(The Disbelievers) Text
110. Soorah An-Nasr
(The Help) Text
111. Soorah Al-Masad
(The Palm Fibre) Text
112. Soorah Al-Ikhlaas
(The Purity) Text
113. Soorah Al-Falaq
(The Daybreak) Text
114. Soorah An-Naas
(Mankind) Text

Allah subhana wa ta`ala Chose to reveal Al Qur'aan in Arabic.
We verily, have made it a Qur'aan in Arabic, that you may be able to understand (its meanings and its admonitions). (Az-Zukhruf 43:3) [Also look up 12.2, 13.37, 20.113, 39.28, 41.3, 42.7, 43.3].

I do not promote neglecting the learning of the Arabic language due to any of this work; rather I hope to aid the understanding and learning the Qur’an’s meanings. And Allah knows best.
And Imaam Al-Shafi'i (one of the four imaams) said: People didn't become ignorant and didn't differ amongst themselves except because they left Arabic and leaned towards the language of Aristotle.
Quoted by Al-Suyuti in Sawn Al-Mantiq p15. He said on p22:
I have found Salaf before Al-Shafi'i indicate what he did: that the cause of heresy (al-ibtida') is ignorance of Arabic language.

This work is intended to aid us in understanding our deen, not to be a substitute for Arabic. And Allah knows best..